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EcoBuddies is the kids virtual world filled with hamsters, animal games, and science games

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EcoBuddies is the awesome kids virtual world full of animal games and hamster games! Adopt your very own hamster, make friends, give your hamster costumes, clothes, pets, houses and even furniture! Even more, check out amazing animals featured by Untamed Science!

EcoBuddies is a perfect educational gift idea for kids 5 to 13 years of age! Our kids virtual world offers children the opportunity to learn about earth sciences in a fun, interactive manner. With a membership to our virtual world children can:

  • Have access to member's only science games, videos, and ebooks covering information from African Elephants to learning about habitats!
  • Access member's only costumes, clothes, furniture,pets, and houses!
  • Receive a bundle of Buddy coins to buy pets and houses
  • Gain access to member's only events!
  • Become King or Queen of the our entire kids virtual world

Purchase your perfect kids Christmas, Easter, or birthday gift today! Also, check out our testimonials from parents, kids, and grandparents by clicking here

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